Sending and receiving text messages with RingLocal is done through the Web Phone. It's a great way to communicate more informally with your prospects and clients and provides opportunities for engagement beyond phone calls that should boost your conversion rates and overall sales & customer service results. SMS is an optional premium feature available to all plans. To learn how to enable text messaging, head over here or contact the support team.

What is RingLocal SMS? offers user(s) the ability to send and receive text messages using RingLocal SMS which uses the local area code of the contact you are sending a message to. Our pool consists of thousands of numbers in North America, which means you'll always have a number to use! We've taken the features from RingLocal calling and added it to our SMS service. Learn how to use RingLocal SMS below!

What are the benefits of using RingLocal SMS?

Glad you asked! Without going into the nitty gritty, RingLocal SMS offers the same benefits as RingLocal calling. If you send text messages to contacts or prospects outside of your area code, the chances you'll receive a reply may be slim because the receiver may believe it's spam. Why you ask? It boils down to your contact not recognizing the area code of the sender. With RingLocal SMS, you can now increase your connect rate with just a few clicks.

RingLocal SMS is included at no additional cost with our SMS plan, which means you now have the ability to send and receive text messages from a company, personal and RingLocal number and have them logged directly to your CRM.

How does RingLocal SMS work?

Text messages to a RingLocal number are always routed to the user that sent the text message. Below is a diagram of the flow of a RingLocal text message to a prospect or lead.

Sending and Receiving Text Messages

1. Select RingLocal from the Caller ID drop down.

2. To send a text message from the Web Phone, enter the phone number or contact name in the Phone or Contact Name field > click SMS > type the message into the message field > press the Enter/Return key to send the text message. The entire text message thread opens showing all sent and received text messages.

To send a text message from your CRM, click the Blue SMS bubble icon next to the phone number > the Web Phone will open a text message thread with the contact number.

See it in action here!

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