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Using HubSpot to trigger Outbound Calls using Custom Actions
Using HubSpot to trigger Outbound Calls using Custom Actions
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The and HubSpot integration through custom actions offers the ability to automatically trigger outbound calls through when certain conditions are met. Let's say you want to place a call when a lead submits an application form on your website. The and HubSpot integration will send a trigger to log the contact in HubSpot while placing an outbound call from The process from start to finish is seamless and very efficient. Below is a workflow of how the and HubSpot automation works.

A HubSpot Professional Account is required to create workflows.



A lead submits a form on your website


The lead is created in HubSpot and sends a trigger to to place an outbound call.

3. places an outbound call to the customer that submitted the form.


While the call is taking place, user(s) can add a Disposition, Next Action and notes using the Web Phone which is saved to HubSpot.

Create form in HubSpot

For steps on creating a form in HubSpot, click here.

Create workflow in HubSpot

There are two key pieces to creating a workflow in HubSpot; the condition and action. For example if a lead submits a form (condition), this will send an (action) to to place a call. Workflows can be customized to suit your business needs, the possibilities are near endless.

In HubSpot, click Workflows


Click Create workflow


Select Contact-based, click Next


Click Set enrollment triggers and select Form submissions


Click the dropdown menu and select the specific form. This will enroll all contacts who have submitted this specific form. After selecting the specific form, click the dropdown menu and select a specific HubSpot page. This will filter out all contacts who submitted to the specific form on that specific page. Select Any page to enroll contacts who submit the form on any HubSpot page.


Click Apply Filter


Click Save


For more information on creating workflows in HubSpot, click here.

Create action in HubSpot

Once a condition (eg. form) has been created, it's now time to add an action to the condition to create the workflow.

Click the plus icon + and select the Make a call action to the workflow.


Select the user that will be placing the call, click Save.


To test the workflow, complete and submit the form created through HubSpot. The dialer will automatically call your Web Phone, click Accept. Our system will then connect the call to the dialed party.


For an overview on the process of creating this workflow, watch the video below.

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