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How to use the Power Dialer with the Web Phone
How to use the Power Dialer with the Web Phone

Learn how to use the Power Dialer!

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What is the Power Dialer?

The power dialer is a form of technology that automates the process of placing outbound phone calls from a list of numbers. As soon as an agent is completed with a call, the power dialer will dial the next contact on the list.

The power dialer is a tool to help reduce the amount and manual work and increase outbound call productivity. Adding a list of contacts to a power dialer session is easy and only takes a few clicks after a calling list has been created in the CRM.

The power dialer offers the ability to:

Where do I add contacts from the CRM to a Power Dialer?

Reference to the table below for where you can add contacts from a CRM to a Power Dialer session.

























How do I add multiple phone numbers to a Power Dialer?

If a contact has multiple phone numbers, the phone number column needs to be added to the view. This can be performed through the settings page in your CRM. Pro Tip: The phone number field must be a Phone type field.

How to add contacts to a Power Dialer

1. In your CRM, sort your calling list using the built-in filters.

2. Navigate to a supported module in the CRM > Right click on the list view > click Add contacts to Power Dialer > launches a new Power Dialer window showing the list of numbers added. If using Pipedrive CRM, please reference here.

Starting a Power Dialer Session

To start a power dialing session, click Start Session > will call your Web Phone, click Accept to start dialing.

Pausing, Resuming and Stopping a Power Dialer Session

The power dialer offers the ability to pause, resume and stop a power dialing sessions for any reason.

To pause a power dialer session, click the Pause button. To resume the power dialer session click Resume Session. To stop a power dialer session, click the Stop button.

Skipping a call

To skip a contact on the list, click Next Call.

Adjusting Power Dialer Settings

The Auto progress feature will automatically dial the next contact on the list as soon as an agent is completed with a call. Toggle Auto progress to the ON position to enable this feature. To disable this feature, toggle Auto Progress to the OFF position.

The Snooze time between calls can be adjusted from 0 to 60 seconds. To adjust the time, slide the bar. Snooze time can only be adjusted when Auto progress is enabled.

Deleting and Flushing contacts from the Power Dialer List

To delete an individual contact from the power dialer list, click the X button under the Delete column.

To flush the power dialer list, click Flush List.

Accessing the Power Dialer Window

If the Power Dialer was accidentally closed, you can reaccess the page by clicking the Hamburger icon. Closing out of the Power Dialer window will not delete any contacts from the list.

Customizing the display columns

To customize the display columns in the Power Dialer, click Customize Columns. Use the contact enrichments to configure the custom fields to display in a power dialer session.

Automatically Drop Voicemails with Power Automations Power Automations offers the ability to automatically send a pre-recorded voicemail drop if the feature is enabled in the Power Dialer. Simply check the Auto-voicemail drop if no conversation box. With's Power Automations, you can easily switch between voicemail drops between calls with just a few clicks.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Watch the Power Dialer in action!

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