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How to use the Power Dialer with Salesforce CRM
How to use the Power Dialer with Salesforce CRM
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Updated over a week ago offers Salesforce users the ability to add a list of up to 150 contacts to a Power Dialer session. Adding contacts to a Power Dialer session from Salesforce is easy and only takes a few clicks. Let's get started with your first power dial session with! Pro Tip: If all contacts selected are not loading to the Power Dialer, scroll to the bottom of the contacts page and scroll back to the top.
1. In your CRM, sort your calling list using the built-in filters.

2. In Salesforce CRM, add contacts from the Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity or Task Module.

3. To add a list of contacts to a Power Dial Session right click on the list > select Web Phone.

4. launches the Power Dialer in a new tab displaying the list of contacts > click Start Session to start dialing your contacts.


See it in action here!

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