Ring.io Automatic Voicemail Detection
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Ring.io offers users the ability to leave a pre-recorded voicemail drop without having to wait for the voicemail beep. We do this through smart beep detection technology that's built into our voicemail drop feature. This means that we actively listen to the voicemail beep after the voicemail message before leaving the pre-recorded voicemail drop.

On average your callers are placing 50-60 calls per day. A voicemail greeting is 20-25 seconds, which means a rep can save up to 25 minutes each day just by using Ring.io's smart beep detection. Pair this with our voicemail drop feature and you're saving upwards of 1 hour per day if placing 60 calls.

Ring.io Smart Beep Detection is a premium feature that is an additional $10.00/mo per user.

To learn how to enable this feature, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to the Ring.io Admin Portal.

2. Click Productivity Features > navigate to Power Dialer > check Enable machine voice detection

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