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Sending an email can be performed through the Web Phone. It's a great way to communicate more informally with your prospects and customers and provides opportunities for engagement beyond phone calls that can boost your conversion rates and overall sales & customer service results.

Sending an email using the Web Phone

1. To send an email from the Web Phone verify there is an email address in the contact field > click the Email button. The default email client will automatically launch.

Sending an email using Next Action offers the ability to send an email using the pre-defined template through Next Action. Configure a post voicemail email, post demo email, post call email and much more. Each Next Action can be configured to its own email template.

Configuring an email template

1. Log in to the Admin Portal > Click the IVR & Data Collection tab.

2. Click Next Actions > click New Action > Label the action > click Show > from the drop down select Send Email to Contact > Customize your email template.

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