Creating and using an email template
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With, you can use email templates to send messages that include information that infrequently change. It's a great way to help you save time, adds an additional touch point and is an effective method of communication. Create and save an email message as a template, and then reuse them when needed

Before you start

Here are a few things to know before you create an email template

Connect your email account to

1. In the Web Phone click the Gear icon

2. Click Connect to your Email provider or Select a different provider and choose a provider from the list

3. Sign in with your email account

4. Follow the prompts and Allow for to access your Email Account

To create your email template

1. In the Web Phone click the email dropdown arrow

2. Click Email Templates to launch the template page

3. Click the Pencil icon to create a new email > click New E-Mail

4. In the message body, enter the content that you want Pro Tip: Attach an image or insert an emoji to add personalization to your message

Use email tokens by clicking the + icon to add elements to your message that are personalized based on the information you already have. For example, you can address your contact by First Name, Last Name or both

5. Click Save as Template and add a name to add the template to your Templates Library > click Save Template

To access your templates, click the Vector Icon. Use the templates library to preview, share or edit your templates

Using an Email template

To manually send a templated email, click the email dropdown arrow and select the email template from the dropdown. will automatically send the email when a template has been selected

To send a templated email during a Power Dialer Session, click the Auto-Email dropdown > select the email template. will automatically send the email template selected if no contact has been made (if automation is enabled) Pro Tip: Choose which templated email to send in-between calls!

Disconnecting your email from

To disconnect your email from the, click the Gear icon in the Web Phone >Click Disconnect

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