Ring.io Voicemail Drop

Learn how to add, record and leave a Voicemail Drop.

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What is Ring.io Voicemail drop?

The Ring.io voicemail Drop is a feature that allows for the callers to leave a pre-recorded voicemail message for the party being dialed. It saves time for callers from having to speak out the same voicemail message over and over, saving headache and reducing productivity.

How does the Ring.io Voicemail Drop feature work?

For users doing high volume cold calling, more than likely the call goes unanswered and heads to voicemail. Instead of speaking out a voicemail for each of these calls; Ring.io's voicemail drop technology allows for users to select the desired pre-recorded voicemail drop and move on to the next caller. Each voicemail you leave is the perfect pitch each time.

Let's do some number crunching and breakdown how long a user spends on a call without using the voicemail drop feature. If a user is placing 150 calls per day, on average 100 of those calls are likely headed to voicemail. A voicemail is around 20-30 seconds in length, which means you can spend upwards of 50 minutes leaving voicemails. This doesn't even include the time spent listening to the voicemail greeting. Not only is this unproductive but it's exhausting and tedious.

Ring.io Automatic Voicemail Detection

Are you looking to further increase your productivity? Ring.io offers the ability to leave a voicemail drop without having to wait for the voicemail beep. We do this through smart beep detection technology built into our voicemail drop feature.

An average voicemail greeting is 20-25 seconds in length, which means a user can save up to 41.5 minutes each day using Ring.io's automatic voicemail detection (assuming 100 calls go to voicemail). Pair automatic voicemail detection with the voicemail drop feature, you're saving upwards of 1.5 hours. Spend less time with repetition work and focus on important tasks!

Here is how the Ring.io Power Dialer works

  1. A Ring.io user uploads a pre-recorded audio file to the Web Phone.

  2. The Ring.io user calls a prospect or lead. If the call goes to voicemail, the user can select the pre-recorded voicemail drop to leave.

  3. Once the voicemail drop file has been selected, we automatically disconnect the call.

  4. The Ring.io user can dial the next caller on the list, while we leave the pre-recorded voicemail drop.

Ring.io Voicemail Drop FAQs

Adding a Voicemail Drop

Launch the Ring.io Web Phone > Click the Gear icon on the lower right-hand corner. Ring.io support the following audio formats: .mp3 and .wav.

To create your Voicemail Drop, click the + icon and assign a unique name.

Ring.io Pro Tip: Add multiple Voicemail Drops by clicking the + icon.

Ring.io offers two options for adding a Voicemail Drop. Either using Call me option or by uploading your own audio file. To upload an audio file, click the Upload button and select the audio file to use as your Voicemail Drop. If you would like to record a custom Voicemail Drop using the Call me method, skip to the next step.

To create a personalized voicemail drop greeting click Call me > Answer the call to your phone Web Phone and start recording your personalized voicemail drop > click End Call when the recording is complete. To preview the Voicemail Drop, click the Play icon.

Leaving a Voicemail Drop

To leave a Voicemail Drop after a call has reached the contact's voicemail, click VM Drop > Select the Voicemail Drop to leave for the contact. Once the Voicemail Drop file has been selected, Ring.io will automatically disconnect the call.

NOTE: A Voicemail Drop can only be left after the sound of the beep if not using the Automatic Voicemail Detection Feature.

Leaving a Personalized Voicemail Drop

To leave a Personalized Voicemail Drop after a call has reached the contact's voicemail, wait for the voicemail beep > announce the contact's name > Select the Voicemail Drop. Once the Voicemail Drop file has been selected, Ring.io will automatically disconnect the call

Deleting a Voicemail Drop

To delete a voicemail drop, click the - button. This action cannot be undone.

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