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Using the iPhone App
Using the iPhone App
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The iPhone app allows an easy way for you to take’s features and tools on the go.


The iPhone app can be installed on iOS devices running iOS 15 or later.

Installing the iPhone App

To download the iPhone app, click here. The mobile app supports calling via WiFi and cellular data (rates may apply with your carrier). Installation instructions can be found here.

Signing in to the iPhone App

Enter in the email address and password, tap Sign In. If you don't have a account, contact your administrator or the support team at

Placing calls from the iPhone App

To place a call, tap the Blue keypad icon and enter the contact phone number, then tap the Phone icon to start dialing.

To place a call from Recent calls, tap Recents. Select the number or contact to start dialing.

Receiving Calls

To receive calls to the mobile app, confirm the Receive Calls At is set to the Mobile app in the admin portal or the Web Phone. To learn more about call forwarding configuration, click here.

To receive a call, tap the Blue Check icon if your iOS device is active (left) or swipe the Slide to Answer if your iOS device is locked (right).

To place an inbound call on hold, tap the Hold button.

Placing calls from a CRM

From a CRM offers two ways to place a call.

  • Copy Phone Field: In the CRM long press the phone number. Tap Copy > choose the mobile app (the phone number will auto populate) > press the Phone icon to start dialing.

  • Share to App: In the CRM tap the Share button > select Call with Ringio.






Copy Phone Field





Share to App/Click to Call





Calling from Hubspot

Calling from Zoho

Calling from Pipedrive

Calling from Salesforce

Placing calls from an address book

From the address book, select the contact > long press the number > select

Placing calls from an email client and web browser

Supported browsers and platforms:


Email Client

Apple Mail and Gmail

Web Browser

Safari and Chrome

  • To place a call from Apple Mail, long press the number > select from the list.

  • To place a call from Gmail, highlight the number > tap Share > select Call with Ringio.

  • To place a call from Safari, long press the contact number > select the app from the list.

  • To place a call from Chrome, highlight the number > tap Share > select Call with Ringio.

Leaving a Voicemail Drop

The voicemail drop feature allows for you to leave a pre-recorded voicemail into someone’s voicemail inbox. To leave a Voicemail Drop, click the Voicemail icon, wait for the voicemail beep to play and select the Voicemail Drop file to leave. To learn how to record your voicemail drop recording, click here.

While on a call

  • Mute and unmute a call

  • Choose an audio destination (speaker or Bluetooth device)

Muting and Unmuting a call: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen > Tap the Mute and Unmute button.

Choose an audio destination: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen > Choose between the Speaker or a Bluetooth device.

Transferring a Call

To transfer a live call, swipe up from the bottom of the screen > click the Arrow > select where you would like the call to be transferred to from the following options:

  • To a Department

  • To a User

  • To an External Number

Logging Post Call Notes and Disposition

Enter post call notes and select the disposition (if applicable) post call, click Save. If a note or disposition is not needed for the call, tap Cancel.

Listening to Voicemail

To listen to voicemail, click the Recents icon. Tap Play to listen to the message, press Pause to pause the message.

Viewing Call History

To view recent calls, tap the Recents icon. Scroll up or down to view all recent calls.

Setting Outbound Caller ID

Use the Caller ID field to select the outbound caller ID number. This can be a company, personal number or by using the custom caller ID feature. Select from the following: Company Number Personal Number
Custom Caller ID
RingLocal Settings

To access the settings, tap the Settings icon. User's can perform the following in the Settings page.

  • To receive inbound calls, tap the toggle to the ‘ON’ position.

  • To sign out of the app, tap Sign Out

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