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Auto-attendant or IVR?
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Smart Auto-attendant or Customized IVR phone tree?

Once you create your account with Ringio you can immediately start receiving calls on your Ringio Company Number and Ringio will forward the calls to the phone number you designated when you signed up.

This gives you time to decide whether you want Ringio´s auto-attendant to continue greeting and routing your callers or you want to create your own IVR tree.

Ringio's auto-attendant is the fastest way to offer to your callers a well-sounding, logical audio experience that routes them to the right person, with minimal effort on your side.

On the other hand, if you would like to customize everything your callers hear, or how your calls are routed, or if you would like to look-up data from your CRM and then decide what callers hear based on that, you can accomplish that with a Customized IVR phone tree.


Ringio's auto-attendant will greet your callers by name if you have them as contacts. It will then say "Thank you for calling - your company name" and then mention the departments you have already setup. By default sales and customer support are already created for you. It will then route your callers to the appropriate department depending on the number dialed by the caller.

IVR Phone Tree

If you would like to have different greeting and routing options depending on the number pressed by the caller, then you need to create a more complicated IVR (menu) tree. Here are some examples:

  • You want to create an auto-attendant that routes all calls to different user mailboxes, so your phones never ring -- you decide who to call back.

  • A main voice menu that prompts for a language, then takes you to other voice menus where all the choices are in that language. (e.g. "For english press1, para español marque 2")

  • A franchise phone system where calls to different phone numbers for sales go to a central location, but calls to those numbers for customer care go to each of the franchisees.

  • Route callers based on area codes (i.e. I enter "703" and I'm routed to the Northern Virginia department) or ZIP codes.

  • and much more!

Learn how to configure an IVR Phone tree using Voice Menus

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