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Configuring IVR Greeting and Routing
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Updated over a week ago offers the ability to configure greetings and a number of routing options when a call is placed to a company number using an IVR Menu. Configure a greeting and set routing rules for how calls are distributed within the company under Phone Number and Routing in the Admin Portal.

Let handle your greeting:

  • Greet your callers by name if they are recognized as an address book entry. ("Hi, Sam") and offer Welcome Back Routing - Welcome back routing uses prior successful phone calls between a caller and a user to offer to that caller the opportunity to speak with the same user.

  • Announce company name. "Thank you for calling..." - enter your company name

Make your own greeting:

Upload an audio file with a custom greeting that offers your callers options to select from. Make sure that you include all the choices that the caller should know about. If after hours has been enabled the custom greeting will not play after hours, only a standard greeting.

Create a customized greeting from the following:

  • Text to Speech - reads the text entered aloud.

  • Custom Audio - audio file must be in .wav format.

  • System Audio - announce full name of caller, first name of caller or company name.

IVR Routing

If you would like to have different greeting and routing options depending on the number pressed by the caller, you will need to create a IVR Menu. Configure your own routing based on your needs from the following:

  • Wait for the callers to press a number- Offers callers the ability to press a number to reach different destinations such as a user, department and voicemail

  • Transfer to - user, department or external number

  • Go the menu - transfer to a voice or data menu

  • Send to voicemail for - transfer to the voicemail of a user or department

  • End call

Route calls differently after hours

If you'd rather not answer live phone calls after business hours, or on weekends, activate the after hours option. Specify the days and hours of operation and will route calls based off the configuration.

  • On hang-up execute following action - trigger a data menu when the call ends (ie. create a new lead or contact in the CRM)

Backup Number

If needs to be bypassed, send calls to:

  • Account backup number

  • Enter another number

On-Hold Music offers full control over your caller's experience. Choose from the standard hold music or upload a custom audio file in .wav format.

Other Settings

The Screen Pop Label is a snippet of text that helps to identify which phone number is being used. This is helpful if there are multiple company phone numbers in your account. Create a label name for each of your company phone numbers (eg. sales, customer service, technical support)

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