This guide will walk you through adding and assigning a company number.

NOTE: An additional company phone number costs an extra $10.00/month. Personal phone numbers are free for each user.

What is a company number?

A company number would be considered the main line. This is the number that your customers will dial into. Company numbers have the advantage that you can use all the features available on them. You can have as many company numbers as you like and they can go to a single individual if he/she needs to use any Ringio feature that is not available on a personal number. A team or a department can have its own company number as well.

Some features only available to company numbers include a greeting message, routing of the call to different destinations, IVR (phone menu) trees, after hours routing and individualized hold music.

1. Log in to the Admin Portal using your email address and password.


2. Click Add New Phone Number


3. Choose a phone number from the results list.


4. Click Use this Number


5. The new company number has now been assigned to the account which will appear on the dashboard page in the phone numbers field.

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