Enriching your calls with custom data from your CRM

Learn more about your callers by using contact enrichments

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Ring.io offers the ability to add additional fields to the contact field within the Web Phone. For example if a deal, organization, person or task reaches out to your company, Ring.io has the ability to display additional data about the caller based off what has been entered in the CRM. This can be very helpful in learning more about your caller(s).

NOTE: The fields to be displayed will first need to be added to the CRM. A maximum of three custom fields can be added per enrichment.

Scenario: Your company needs calls to a person to display the LinkedIn, Label and Email of the caller. When a call is placed from the Peron in the CRM, the Ring.io Web Phone will display this data which is pulled directly from the CRM.

To sync the field(s) into the contact enrichment page, follow the steps below.

Log in to the Ring.io Admin Portal

Click Contact Enrichment and make note of the enrichments.


In the Ring.io admin portal, click Voice Objects under the IVR and Data Collection tab. Check the boxes that were shown in the Contact Enrichment page.


Click Import from CRM, click Connect to a CRM



Check the boxes as shown in the Contact Enrichment page, click Save


In the Contact Enrichment page, use the drop down and select the custom field(s) from the CRM that need to be displayed. The Ring.io Web Phone will display data based on the field that has been selected. In the example below, we are displaying the Down Payment, Credit Score and Own or Rent data when a call is placed to a Person.

Select the custom fields for each module, based on your requirements.

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