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Creating a Personal Voicemail Greeting
Creating a Personal Voicemail Greeting

Detailed guide on how to set up a Voicemail Greeting using your Web Phone.

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This guide will walk you through creating a personal voicemail greeting for your Personal Number. Learn more about personal numbers here.

1. Log in to the Web Phone.

2. Click the Gear icon on the lower righthand corner of the Web Phone.

3. Under Voicemail Greeting > click the arrow > select Use the Default Greeting or Use my Own Voice. By default, the Web Phone uses the default greeting.

4. To create a personalized voicemail greeting select Use my Own Voice > click Call me > Answer the call to your phone Web Phone to start recording your personalized voicemail greeting > click End Call when the recording is complete. The Call me feature can only be used with the Web Phone.

To upload a custom voicemail audio file, click Upload button and select the audio file to use as your Voicemail greeting.

5. Click the Play icon to preview your personalized voicemail greeting.

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