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What is Video Calling? Video is a feature built-in to the Web Phone that allows users to initiate a visual connection with a contact with a few clicks. Video calling is easy to use and helps to create a personalized connection to build stronger relationships.

What is Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing is technology that allows you to share content on your screen in real-time. This allows you to show the content on your screen directly to the people you are speaking to without having to email files.

Let's take a deeper dive into this: even if you do email files to your contact, they are still looking at the file individually. You still don't know the details your contact is actually looking at. With screen share, the person who’s presenting can direct everyone in the meeting to what they want everyone to see.

How can Video and Screen Sharing be used?

In today's world with the technology we have, video calling and screen sharing can boost the efficiency of communication and can help strengthen relationships with customers. The opportunities to build relationships are potentially endless with this form of technology.

Here are the top five scenarios to how the Video and Screen Sharing can be used:

Sales Presentations
Project management




What do I need to use Video and Screensharing?

  • Internet connection

  • Computer (Windows or Mac)

  • Microphone and camera

How much does Video and Screen Sharing cost?

There are many video and screen-sharing applications available in the market for business use but they can cost as much as $150.00/month and only offer video and screensharing. With the telephony platform, the video and screensharing tool is included at no additional cost with your subscription.

What are the potential savings?

The average cost of video and screen-sharing applications is $150.00/month. video and screensharing starts at $69.00/month. You can save as much as $972.00/year with just video and screensharing alone.

How do I start using video calling and screen sharing?

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