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An Introduction to Emailing & SMSing with + Power Automations
An Introduction to Emailing & SMSing with + Power Automations
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If you're a sales rep, sending emails and SMS can quickly become a repetitive task that is time consuming. Your time is better spent focusing on growing the business and building meaningful relationships. With's Email & SMS templates + Power Automations, we do the heavy lifting, which allows you to focus on selling, not tech. Interested to learn more? Read on.

How does this feature work and what are the benefits?

Using AI technology, will automatically deliver an email or SMS or even both to a contact that you weren't able to connect with. Let's take a look into some of the ways that's automations can benefit your team

Seamless workflow to increase productivity - Automated SMS and emails will help to deliver messages that help to create relationships, send reminders and share content.

Less Room for Error - Even with copy and pasting, there's the off chance that errors happen. With templates and email automation, your users just need to select the pre-defined template and move on.

Build a cadence - Automation makes it easier to segment your SMS and email recipients based on the criteria defined. This increases connection rate, open rate and conversion rate.

What can be done with's Templates + Power Automations?

  • Create your own email and SMS templates using the's templates library to add that touch of personalization to your communication. 90% of consumers find personalized emails and SMS to be more appealing which results in more closed deals

  • Create shared email and SMS templates for everyone on your team to use

  • Create private email and SMS templates

  • Send an email and SMS simultaneously when a call has been dispositioned

  • Choose which email and SMS template you want to send

  • Emails and SMS are automatically logged to your CRM

How long does this it take to set up Automations?

Once you've created your email and SMS templates in the templates library, your team will be ready to start using this feature. You can be up and running within minutes! Be sure that you have Business SMS enabled in your account to use this feature.

How do I set up the email and SMS templates?

What else do I need to know?

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