Ring.io Video Calling and Screen Sharing
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With Ring.io you can start a video call and screen share with a contact. Video and screensharing is easy to use and helps to create a personalized connection to help build stronger relationships. Let's help you get started with making your first video call and screen share with Ring.io.

Starting and stopping a Video Call

To start a video call, enter the Phone or Contact Name > Click Dial > Once the call has connected to a contact click Start Video to start a video call at anytime during the call.

A text message with a unique video link will be sent to the contact from your Ring.io personal number. Instruct the contact to click the link to join the video call. The unique video link can also be accessed by clicking the Link icon. Also an email message (if entered in the contact card) will be sent. Contacts can join from their smartphone by clicking on the link in the text message or from a computer by clicking on the link in the email.

When the contact clicks the video link, they will see a live video of you. The contact can turn off the video by clicking the Red X button.

Managing a video call

When the contact has joined the video call, the Ring.io Web Phone will let you know the contact can see you. By default, the camera is turned on. To turn the camera off, click the Camera off. To turn the camera on, click the Camera on. To cancel the video call, click Cancel Video.

To blur the background, check Blur.

To hide the video preview, click the Camera icon.

Starting and stopping a Screen Share

On an active video call to share your screen or content, click the Share Screen button.

Select one of these screen share options > click Share

  • Entire Screen

  • Window

  • Browser tab

To stop sharing click Stop Sharing

Video and Audio Permission Settings

When using the Ring.io video calling for the first time, your browser will prompt for permission to use your camera. Click Allow when prompted.

Follow the steps below to manually allow Ring.io to access your video and audio.

1. In your web browser, click the three stacked dots next to the profile picture.

2. Browse to Security and Privacy > Site Settings

3. Select Camera and verify that https://admin6.ringio.com/ is allowed to use your camera.

4. Under site settings, click Microphone and verify the Ring.io Web Phone, https://app.ringio.com/ and https://admin6.ringio.com is allowed to use your microphone.

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