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How we bill for SMS and MMS

Learn how charges for SMS and MMS messages

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When you subscribe to, you have the option to also buy our Business SMS add-on.

If you buy this add-on your users will be able to receive and send SMS and MMS on all the phone numbers in your account plus any RingLocal phone numbers you use. These messages will also be logged in your CRM.

The Business SMS add-on costs $20 per user per month.

For example, if you license 5 users of, you will pay $100 per month for the Business SMS add on.

This fee is treated as a pre-purchased credit, and the first X SMSes per month are included in the fee. bills:

  • 2c per SMS (inbound or outbound)

  • 4c per MMS

  • SMS credits do not rollover to the next month. You start fresh with 1,000 credits every billing cycle.

So, roughly speaking, each user $20 fee buys you 1,000 SMS credits or 500 MMS credits.

For example, if you license 5 users, your $100 per month Business SMS fee will include the first 5,000 SMS messages or your first 2,500 MMS messages. Once your usage goes above your pre-purchased credit, will bill you for the overages.

For example, if you license 5 users, and end up sending 6,000 SMS messages, your $100 per month Business SMS fee will cover the first 5,000 and you will pay 1,000 x 2c = $20 extra in overages.

Length limits.

When you send an SMS, you can send an ASCII encoded message of up to 160 characters. If you send a longer message, will break down your message into segments of 160 characters. Each segment uses 1 SMS credit.

When you send an MMS, you can send up to 1,600 characters of ASCII text + up to 10 images that add up to 5Mb.

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