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Getting your business verified to send SMS through
Getting your business verified to send SMS through

Describes the process of getting your business registered with major carriers so that you can send SMS and MMS via

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Starting August 31st, 2023, major carriers such as ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile are regulating the sending of SMS and MMS messages to their subscribers in order to reduce spam and unwanted messages. They are now requiring senders to register their businesses and their phone numbers with The Campaign Registry.

If you send SMS or MMS through, you will want to register your business, a process known as 10DLC registration (10 Digit Long Code - our industry finds acronyms irresistible)

Any organization that sends SMS or MMS without registering for 10DLC will see its outbound messages being blocked or filtered.

Who is impacted?

All customers who use the Business SMS functionality of to send SMS and MMS are affected by these carrier regulations.

What happens if I don't register for 10DLC?

Any organization that does not register for 10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) will be subject to messages being heavily filtered or blocked. In short, your text messages are at high risk of not being delivered.

How does the 10DLC registration process work?

  1. You submit a business registration and SMS campaign form

  2. We send your information to our carrier

  3. Our carrier sends your information to The Campaign Registry (TCR)

  4. The Campaign Registry approves or denies your registration

  5. We get the status back and let you know if more info is needed, or if it was approved.

How can I get my business registered on the first try / quickly?

  • Carriers want to know unambiguously which business and which brand is responsible for sending the messages

  • Carriers want to ensure that you obtain an opt-in permission from the leads/customers you want to text

  • Carriers don't accept opt-in that was collected by a third party - if you buy phone lists from third parties and then text them, that is not acceptable consent.

  • Carriers are allergic to certain industries (cannabis, prescription medications, sex, hate, firearms)

What do I need to do to start the 10DLC registration process?

In order to get your business successfully registered, follow these steps. Please provide all information requested to avoid any delays in the process.

Step 1: Provide your business information

The admin needs to complete the business information form in order for our team to build a unique customer profile.

Business Registration Form

Step 2: Complete the 10DLC Registration Form

We require information on your message usage and types in order to build a text messaging campaign.

SMS Campaign Form

Here is what to expect when completing the SMS campaign form

Campaign description: Describe what you will be using this campaign for.

Message contents: Will your messages contain either embedded links and phone numbers? If both, please specify.

How do end-users consent to receive messages? (40-2048 characters): Describe how end users opt-in to the campaign, therefore giving consent to the sender to receive their messages. If multiple opt-in methods can be used for the same campaign, they must all be listed

Opt-in Keywords (max 255 characters): If end users can text in a keyword (for example, “Subscribe”) to start receiving messages from your campaign, those keywords must be provided. If you do not support opt-in via text, please leave this blank

Opt-in Message (20-320 characters): If end users can text in a keyword to start receiving messages from your campaign, the auto-reply messages sent to the end users must be provided. The opt-in response should include the Brand name, confirmation of opt-in enrollment to a recurring message campaign, how to get help, and clear description of how to opt-out. If you do not support opt-in via text, leave this blank

Step 3: will the register the A2P Brand and Campaign

Once the campaign has been vetted, will assign the numbers to the test messaging campaign. The approval process takes 14-21 business days to complete from the day of submission.

Frequently Asked Questions about 10DLC

Do you have more questions?

Please contact the support team at

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