Call Routing Algorithms

Understand how Call Routing Algorithms can route your calls

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Updated over a week ago offers the ability to configure call routing algorithms at the department level. Learn more about the different routing algorithms that offers.

Call Blast for Departments - Simultaneously rings all the users in the department at the same time until a user answers the phone. This option works best for small or medium-size teams of 5-10 users.

Escalating routing - will ring the first user on the list who is checked in and not on a call, then escalates until a user answers the phone or the list is exhausted, at which point the call goes to voicemail.

A round robin is a sequence or series that involves the participation of all individuals in a group. has a built in algorithm that offers:
​Round Robin -> For new calls we always look for the agent with the highest idle time. The idle agent is sorted by call start time.

For example if Agent A has the highest idle time and does not answer call 1, the round robin system will route the call to next agent that has the highest idle time, which we will call Agent B. Agent A will still remain as the agent with the highest idle time. The idle time is reset after an agent has answered a call.
Round Robin optimizes equal talk time amongst all agents.

Round Robin for Sales -> For new calls, will search for agents that have the longest period of time without being contacted regardless of whether or not the agent answered the call. For example, if there are 10 agents and Agent A does not answer the phone and Agent B answers, the following call will be routed to the ten other agents first before coming back to Agent A.

Round Robin for Sales optimizes equal call attempt amongst all agents.

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