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Call Queueing
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Updated over a week ago Call Queueing is an advanced feature that is enabled at the department level. When there are more callers than available agents for a department, call queueing will put callers on hold and route them to users in the order that they were received. To configure call queueing, follow the steps below.
1. Log in to the Admin Portal > Click Departments > select the department that needs call queuing enabled.

2. Check Queue Calls for this Department to enabled call queuing. Configure the call queuing settings from the following:

  • Announce Estimated Hold Time

  • Announce Position in Queue

  • Allow callers to leave the queue by pressing a digit

  • Force the exit of callers who wait on hold for longer than a specified duration

  • When a caller exceeds the max hold time, then:

    Transfer to another department or user

    Send to voicemail

    Go to a menu

    End Call

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