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RingLocal Configuration Routing
RingLocal Configuration Routing

Learn how to configure routing for calls to your RingLocal numbers

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With RingLocal, you have the ability to configure how inbound calls are routed. Read on to learn more about these features!

Log in to the Admin Portal. > click the Productivity Features > Navigate to RingLocal. Inbound call routing can be configured based under the following conditions.
​If a contact that has been been called returns a call:

If the last user who called them is not available:

If the last user who called them no longer exists:


  • Last User who called the contact

  • User

  • Department

Go to Menu

  • Use this option to route calls to a data menu


  • User

  • Department

End Call

  • This option will immediately disconnect the call

Do Nothing

  • This option will not trigger an action

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