Pro Tip: recommends using a USB headset for the best experience.

Configuring an audio device in the Web Phone

In the Web Phone, click the Speaker Icon. Configure the Microphone and Audio Output with the audio device connected. Click Make a test call to test the audio device.

Configuring a Ringtone

The ringtone can be configured using the list of preset options. By default, the ringtone is set to Old School.

To help improve overall call quality, the Web Phone offers users with the ability to enable:

Auto gain control: Allows a microphone's signal to automatically adjust to compensate for variations in volume when sound levels are too loud or too soft.

Noise suppression: Helps to reduce any background noise.

Echo cancellation: Used to cancel acoustic feedback between a speaker and a microphone.

These settings are particularly helpful if a user works in a call center environment or is in an area with a lot of background noise.

Having trouble with the configuring your audio settings? Here's a help article to help with troubleshooting. If further assistance is needed with configuring an audio device in the Web Phone, send an email to

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