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Troubleshooting Web Phone Issues
Troubleshooting Web Phone Issues
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In order for the team to best assist with troubleshooting Web Phone Issues, we will first need information pertaining to the issue.

Are you using Mac, Chromebook or Windows OS?
What version is the OS?
Are you using a Wireless or Wired connection?
What web browser is being used?

Issues with call audio quality or latency

The Web Phone requires a strong and reliable internet connection for the best user experience. To test your network connection, run the Twilio Network Test. Ideally all tests should PASS.

For more information on call quality issues, click here.

Below are basic troubleshooting steps to try after running the Twilio Network Test.

Restart your router or modem
Restart your computer
Run the Magic Fixer
Avoid streaming audio or video while using the Web Phone

Audio issues

Verify your audio device is properly configured by following the steps in this article.

This tool can be used to verify the speakers and the microphone are working.

Calls not connecting or dropped

In order for our team to properly troubleshoot issues with calls not connecting or dropped calls, we require the following information.

Call to number:
Call from number:
Time (in local time zone):

Web Phone crashing

To troubleshoot the issue with the Web Phone crashing, follow the steps below.

1. Clearing Cookies in Google Chrome

2. Removing Web Phone Extension

3. How to install the Web Phone

In most cases, this should resolve any issues you are experiencing with the Web Phone. If not, let our team know and we are more than happy to continue troubleshooting.

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