How to add and modify users
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Adding a new user

1. Log in to the Admin Portal > Click Users

2. Click Add New User.

3. Complete the required fields listed below > click Save Changes when complete.

Required fields

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Receive calls at - Web Phone, Mobile App, External number. To add a new endpoint click the + icon.

  • Routing method - Routing can either be Call Blast, which will simultaneously ring both all endpoints, or Escalating, which ring the endpoints in the order configured.

Configurable fields

  • Administrator access - Grant user admin access

  • Employee ID - Assign a unique ID (ie. badge number, employee number)

  • CRM user- Assign user to a CRM user.

  • Don't Record - When enabled, will not record the user's calls.

  • Eavesdrop - When enabled, the user can eavesdrop on a call.

  • What callers hear when calling - Personalized greeting (system announces user name or just ringing until pick up.

  • When user is not taking personal calls, then: - Learn more about routing here.

Modifying an existing user

1. Log in to the Admin Portal > Click Users > select the user > make any changes necessary to the user > click Save Changes.

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