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Porting In Phone Numbers to

Learn how to port your number(s) to!

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Porting In

If you'd like calls to your existing phone numbers routed through our system, a solution is to port your numbers to

You need to be an active paying subscriber for us to initiate a port request. If you are a trial customer and would like to become a paid subscriber, give us a call at 800-892-9595 and we will gladly assist you with signing up.

We require the following in order to port your number(s) to Failure to provide any of the documents below will result in a delay of the port in.

  • A recent copy of bill (dated in the past 30 days) from your provider


  • Complete the Letter of Authorization online. There is also the option to download the LOA form to your computer (.docx) fill it out and send it our porting team. Don't forget to sign the LOA and provide the porting PIN.


  • Let our team know where each phone number(s) needs to assigned (company or personal). We charge an additional $10.00/month per number if there is more than one company phone number in the account. Each user is allowed a maximum of one personal number.

If there aren't enough users to assign a number to, we will automatically assign them as company number(s).

Send the Letter of Authorization (LOA) and Copy of Bill (COB) to The port in fee for each phone number is a non-refundable $35.

For fax numbers ($10/month):

  • Complete and return the following form: Fax number porting form (.PDF)

  • The fax carrier needs your tax ID (FEIN) for business numbers

  • Get a copy of your recent bill from your existing fax provider

The porting process typically takes 14-20 business days for US phone numbers, and up to 60 days for fax numbers.

Pointers for a quick and painless porting process

  • Make sure that the form is completed by the true owner of the phone. This is usually the name of the person on the bill.

  • Make sure that the contact information on the Letter of Authorization (LOA) matches the contact information in the bill. Most porting requests are delayed due to mismatching information (don't let this happen to you!). Triple check that the information you've provided on the Letter of Authorization (LOA) is the same as on your Copy of Bill (COB).

  • Verify that the bill that you submit has name, address and the phone number that is being transferred in it.

  • Verify that your account with the provider who is losing the phone number is in good standing.

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