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Ring.io offers unlimited inbound and outbound faxing services for an additional $15.00/month per number.

Here are the details about Ring.io Fax:

  • You must be an active Ring.io subscriber. Ring.io Fax is not offered as a standalone service.

Inbound faxes: will be delivered as a .PDF attachment to the pre-configured email address.

Outbound faxes: Ring.io will provide you with credentials to access to the fax portal for sending faxes. Follow the steps below to send a fax.

1. Log in to the Fax Portal > click Sign in with extension. Log in with the following information provided:

Phone Number
Voicemail PIN (password):

2. Select Fax > click Send New Fax and enter the following information required:

Fax Number:
Attachment (in the acceptable formats):
doc, docx, html, jpg, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, tif, txt, xls, xlsx

3. Once the document(s) have been attached > Click Send Fax

You will receive an email confirmation when the fax has been delivered to the recipient.

Are you ready to sign up for Ring.io Fax? Contact our support team with the following information:

  • The area code for your fax number.

  • The email address where you would like to receive faxes.

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