We're happy to announce that we've completed a brand-new integration with Salesforce.com. We've developed this integration in-house directly against the Salesforce.com APIs.

What it does

  • Matches your callers to Salesforce.com Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts - if someone who is in Salesforce calls your Ringio number you will see their contact information and call history.

  • Logs calls your team makes into Salesforce.com automatically as Activities. You control how the calls are logged, but Ringio can log the call duration, outcome, call disposition, and even put a link to the recording of the call.

  • Dial directly from any Salesforce.com screen - using our new Click to Call extension for Google Chrome.

  • Enhances your Salesforce.com Reports with Caller Data - so you can answer questions like: Who are my most productive sales reps? How many calls does it take to make a sale? How many dollars per call? Who are my customers that are struggling the most with our product? What times is my support team most understaffed? Are we meeting our response time goals?

  • Enriches your contact records - Ringio can create new contacts in Salesforce.com with the information captured by your sales and support teams, making clean data a crowdsourced effort.


  • Turbo-boost your sales team productivity - easily double the number of phone calls they are currently making

  • Get the data you need to run a metrics driven organization

  • Put everyone in the company on the same page when it comes to customer interactions

  • Get all the benefits of an enterprise-grade call center solution with a small-business price tag, and with no IT hassles.

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