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Connecting to a HubSpot account
Connecting to a HubSpot account
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Follow the steps below to connect to a HubSpot account. In order to complete the integration, an active and HubSpot account is required.

To sign up for a HubSpot account, click here.

1. Log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Under CRM Integration, click Configure CRM.


3. Navigate to Hubspot > Click Install.


4. Click Connect your HubSpot account.


5. A new window will open prompting for the HubSpot credentials. Click Log in after entering in the email address and password associated with the HubSpot account.


6. Select the HubSpot account that needs to be connected to, click Choose Account once the account has been selected.


7. Click Connect App to complete the integration of and HubSpot.


In the video below we show how you can use the Power Dialer, Click to Call, Voicemail Drop, Dispositions, Call Notes, Call Recordings and Scheduling Follow Up Calls.

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