Are you away from your computer or don't have access to the Web Phone but still need to receive calls? has a built in feature that will allow for calls to a company or personal number that forward to up to (3) outside numbers (eg. your cell phone) or to the mobile app.

With the call forwarding feature, calls to your number will be forwarded to the external number configured, there is no handoff of the call once it has been connected. maintains control of the call for its duration.

Incoming call: Calls forwarded to your cell phone will display the incoming caller ID of the caller. For example, when callers dial your personal number that are forwarded to your cell phone. Your cell phone will ring which you answer to be connected to your caller. Your callers do not know they are being forwarded to a cell phone.

Outbound call: will first call the external number configured in the Web Phone; the caller ID will display the number selected in the Caller ID which you will answer. The call is then connected to the number dialed. With an outbound call, the user will have the ability to select the number they want displayed on the receiving party's caller ID.

To configure call forwarding from the Web Phone, click Gear icon. Under Receive Calls On, select where you would like calls forwarded from the below options:

  • Mobile App

  • External number (eg. a cell phone number)

To configure call forwarding log in to the Admin Portal > Click Users > select the user from the list. Under Receive Calls At, select where you would like calls forwarded from the below options:

  • Phone (external number)

  • Mobile App

To use an external number, check Phone, enter your forwarding number (eg. your cell phone, landline, etc) click Save Changes.

To forward calls to the Mobile app, select Mobile and click Save Changes. Calls will now be forwarded to the Mobile app.

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