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In accordance with FCC authority and guidelines, voice service providers block and label illegal and unwanted calls, both directly and in conjunction with analytics engine (“AE”) partners. Voice service providers and AEs believe it is important to establish best practices for redress of issues relating to blocking and labeling, beyond what has already been mandated by Congress and the FCC.

While most requests for redress are resolved within hours, participating voice service providers and AEs commit to resolving at least 95% of requests for redress within 2 business days. Remaining requests for redress will be resolved within a reasonable time frame, based on circumstances, in accordance with the mandate established by the FCC for voice service provider redress of blocking. For requests that cannot be resolved within 2 business days, voice service providers and AEs will keep the requestor reasonably apprised of status and updates.

Visit this page for more information on redress and remediation.

If you believe your number has been flagged, use the chart below to determine the remediating agency to start the remediation process. Once a number has been submitted for remediation, it takes up to 24 hours to be remediated.


Remediating Agency




Free Caller Registry

Complete the form



Complete the form



Complete the form


First Orion

Complete the form



Complete the form

In addition to remediating your number(s), we also strongly recommend registering your numbers with STIR/SHAKEN. This is a service that offers at no additional cost! You can learn more about STIR/SHAKEN registration here.

How do I know which carrier has flagged my number?

Great question! uses a third party service to monitor the reputation of phone numbers across major telecommunication carriers. This is a service that can be added to your subscription for an additional cost.

What can I expect after my numbers have been remediated?

Once your number has been remediated, your number will no longer be flagged as 'Spam' or 'Scam Likely' by the major carriers. In short, this will help your team increase outbound connectivity rates!

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