In response to a large growing number of spam calls to mobile phones, many carriers have created tools to identify and block spam calls. Unfortunately, these tools aren’t perfect and it can result in a legitimate business phone number incorrectly marked by scam ID technology. Some people may report your number without answering the phone. If this happens enough, your number will be marked Scam Likely.

If outbound calls from your company or personal number are being flagged as 'Spam' or 'Scam Likely', you're not alone! This has affected customers across all major carriers but has measures in place to combat this. Below are the most common reasons for why a number will be flagged are listed below.

1. The number has been reported as Spam Risk
2. Carriers have flagged the number for frequent dialing
3. Low Attestation Rating

What precautions can be taken to prevent a number being flagged?

Although there is no guarantee a number won't be flagged or blocked, below are practices that can be followed to minimize the chances of this.

  • Register the number with CNAM (only applicable for company and personal numbers)

  • Monitor the amount of outbound calls per day from each number. A general rule of thumb is to place to more than 250 calls PER day.

  • A high quality lead list which may result in a reduction of outbound calls

  • Register your business and phone numbers with STIR/SHAKEN (only applicable for company and personal numbers)

  • Add the number to the Free Caller Registry

  • Understand and follow your industry's regulations

What numbers can be registered for STIR/SHAKEN?

  • Personal Numbers

  • Company Numbers

What numbers cannot be registered for STIR/SHAKEN? has a process in place to register your company and numbers with SHAKEN/STIR through our carrier, which in turn helps to combat outbound calls being flagged as 'Spam' or 'Scam Likely'. The end result is an increased pick up rate. For any question on this or to get your company registered, please send an email to

RingLocal numbers cannot be registered with STIR/SHAKEN

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