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Why do I need to register my company and phone numbers for 10DLC?
Why do I need to register my company and phone numbers for 10DLC?
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The campaign registry (TCR) is an organization created by mobile network operators (MNOs). These MNOs include major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. The idea behind forming the TCR is to hold businesses accountable for the text messages sent via application-to-person (A2P). It also helps to make business text messaging more secure and trustworthy. In short, it helps to ensure that text messages are coming from reputable businesses and not spam or bots. If there are any issues with the content being sent via text messages, the TCR will know who to reach out to using the business information provided.

Why do we need to register for 10DLC?

It is required by MNOs if organizations are sending text messages via application-to-person (A2P). You must register your business and the type of messages you are sending. This is how the MNOs can verify that your phone number(s) and the messages being sent from your organization are legitimate. Once a business and phone numbers have been verified, your organization can send messages across major carriers with improved deliverability and at faster speeds.

What happens if we don't register for 10DLC?

  • If your organization is not registered for 10DLC, outbound text messages will be heavily filtered.

  • Business SMS cannot be enabled

How do I start the 10DLC registration process?

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