Sending and receiving text messages with your company and personal number is done through the Web Phone. It's a great way to communicate more informally with your prospects and clients and provides opportunities for engagement beyond phone calls that should boost your conversion rates and overall sales & customer service results. SMS is an optional premium feature available to all plans. To learn how to enable text messaging, head over here or contact the support team.

Sending and Receiving Text Messages

1. Select a company, personal or RingLocal number from the drop down.

2. To send a text message from the Web Phone, enter the phone number or contact name in the Phone or Contact Name field > click SMS > type the message into the message field > press the Enter/Return key to send the text message.

The entire text message thread opens showing all sent and received text messages.

To send a text message from a CRM, click the Blue SMS bubble icon next to the phone number.

See it in action here!

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