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The Live monitor is a dashboard that displays daily metrics and allows for administrators to monitor all users and keep track of the following:

  • Call Progress

  • Connect Rate

  • Dispositions Used

  • Users Checked In

  • Appointments Booked

  • Leaderboard for Inbound and Outbound Calls


Want everyone on the same page about what's happening with your team's calls? Would you like to improve the team's performance or quickly identify problem spots? Need a tool to coach your reps to manage better outcomes over the phone? If so, Live Monitor is what your admins need.


With Live Monitor you can:

  • Get Stats for Everyone and for each of your Departments

  • See the status of all your users, or only certain users.

  • Get a Leaderboard that ranks your users by number of calls, or by number of Goals

  • See which callers are waiting in your inbound queue

Stats for Outbound View

If your team is primarily a Sales team with outbound prospecting work, select Outbound View


This allows you to see:

Outbound call progress - how many calls to go before the team hits is quota. Click on the cogwheel icon to set each rep's goal:


The system will show you whether the team is on track, behind goal, or has accomplished the goal. uses an adaptive algorithm that helps you see whether the current pace is adequate or things need to be sped up.

Connect Rate

The percentage of calls that lead to a conversation with someone vs all the outbound calls made. A call is considered connected if the duration is longer than 1 minute.

Dispositions Today

Tracks a breakdown by how your reps classified the call.

Users Checked In

Shows you how many users are currently available to make and receive phone calls.

Appts Booked

Helps you track if the team is making its goals, whether they be appointment setting, making a sale, booking a demo, or other important outcomes.

Click on the cogwheel icon to configure which Dispositions are considered a goal accomplished and to set a per-team range to accomplish for the day.


Give your goal a descriptive name that means something for your team.

  • Provide the number you want the team to hit as their goal

  • Move the sliders in grey to define the acceptable range.

For example, if you set the goal to 50 and you set the sliders to 60 and 80%, then the team will be in the red until they make 30 appointments and in the yellow until they make 40, and in the green once they make 50 or more.

Finally, select which Dispositions are considered to accomplish the goal.

Stats for Inbound View

If you have a team that deal primarily with inbound phone calls for customer service or sales, and want to track the quality of the answering that they are providing, select Inbound View.


Inbound describes the number of calls that either Everyone or the specific Department you've selected has received where the system selected that particular Department.

Max Hold describes the maximum hold time of the caller who is waiting the longest in the queue, right now.

Avg Hold shows you today's average hold time. Hold time is time waiting in queue to talk to someone.

In Queue shows you how many people are on hold right now, waiting to talk to somone

Calls Abandoned counts how many people hung up while waiting but before talking to any rep.

Users Checked In counts how many reps are available to take calls or are in live calls.

SLA shows you the Service Level Agreement metric.

SLA is defined as the percentage of all calls processed that were answered within the target answering time.


Select the cogwheel icon to configure your SLA.

Tell us what your target answer time is in seconds. This timer counts the number of seconds from entering the queue until one of your reps answers the call.

Tell us what your acceptable range for answering calls is by moving the grey sliders. In the screenshot, if the SLA drops below 60% then the Department will be in the red. If the SLA is between 60 and 80% then the team will be in the yellow range, and if the SLA is within 80% of the target or higher, then the team will be in the green.

TBA expresses the Average Time Before Abandonment for the day in minutes & seconds. It shows you how much time on average your callers are willing to wait before they give up on talking to one of your reps.

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