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1. To view recent call history through the Ring.io Web Phone, click the Clock icon.

2. A new browser window will open displaying the recent call history. Use the reporting filter to filter the calls.

Ring.io offers the ability to filter recent calls by the following:

Date = Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days and custom date range
Direction = Inbound or Outbound
Outcome = Talked, transferred, missed, call back, voicemail
Type = Personal, team call, SMS
Department = Selecting this option will filter calls by a department
User = Selecting this option will filter calls by user
Phone number = Ring.io phone number used
Disposition = This will display all dispositions logged by users
Duration = <1 min, 1-2 min, 2+ min
Contact = Filter by phone, contact name or company

What do the Stars next to each row indicate?

A Red star indicates a missed call and a voicemail was left by the caller or a callback was requested. A Green star can be used to mark a contact that needs to be dialed. Once a call has been placed to a contact that has been marked with a Green star, it will change to a Gray status.

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