Ring.io Recent Call History
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1. To view recent call history through the Ring.io Web Phone, click the Clock icon.

2. A new browser window will open displaying the recent call history. Use the reporting filter to narrow down what data to display.

Ring.io offers the ability to filter recent calls by the following:

Date = Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days and custom date range
Direction = Inbound or Outbound
Outcome = Talked, transferred, missed, call back, voicemail
Type = Personal, team call, SMS
Department = Selecting this option will filter calls by a department
User = Selecting this option will filter calls by user
Phone number = Ring.io phone number used
Disposition = This will display all dispositions logged by users
Duration = <1 min, 1-2 min, 2+ min
Contact = Filter by phone, contact name or company

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