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Configure Next Actions
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Next Actions can be configured to perform the following:

  • Do Nothing

  • Add to Dialer List

  • Execute Data Menu

  • Send Email to Contact

  • Submit a Questionnaire


Below is an explanation of each option.

Do Nothing: When an action is tied to this option, nothing will take place.

Add to Dialer List: adds current contact to a Dialer List. You can specify either a particular static list or the user’s personal list, which acts as a to-do list. If you’d like the call to be added at a specific time interval when the call should be made, check the Specify Future Date / Time box, and the call will only appear then on the list.

Execute Data Menu: allows you to invoke data menus that fetch or write data to your CRM.

Send Email to Contact: you can compose an email template and when the user invokes the action from Desktop the app will open the user’s default email client and compose a new email message with the information in the template. Desktop relies on the user’s computer default mail handler for mailto: URLs

Open Web Link: Launches the web browser on the user's computer with the pre-configured website address.

Submit Questionnaire: Opens the questionnaire configured in the admin portal.

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