Ring.io assigns one company phone number where customers can call your business and a Ring.io personal number for each user in the account. Let's cover the main differences between a Ring.io company and personal number.

Ring.io Company Number

Ring.io Personal Number

Ability to configure a greeting message

Use the Ring.io personal number as a direct dial.

Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Configure After Hours Routing

Call Forwarding

$10.00/month for an additional company number

Free for each user

Inbound and Outbound Calling

Inbound and Outbound Calling

Configure call routing to different destinations.


Ring.io Company numbers have features which can offer your callers a more personalized experience. Your team can add as many company numbers as you'd like which can then be routed to a department, user, external number or a menu. Do you have a number that needs to be routed to a specific department or user? This can be accomplished with a Ring.io company number.

Ring.io Personal numbers are included at no additional cost for each user. A user can have one personal number which can be used as a direct dial for your clients, text messaging and call forwarding.

Learn how to add a Ring.io personal number!

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