Ring.io offers the ability to enable and disable call recording at the user level. Enabling and disabling call recording for user(s) can be performed through the Ring.io Admin Portal. By default, all user calls are recorded.

NOTE: If a call is transferred from a Ring.io user that has call recording enabled to a Ring.io user that does not have call recording enabled, the entire call will not be recorded.

If a user has Don't Record checked then there is no way to access recordings of their calls. This is an ideal setting for users who are in non-customer facing roles. An administrator can hear all call recordings, except for calls to users with Don't record checked.

1. Log in to the Ring.io admin portal > click Users

2. Select the user from the list. Check the Don't Record box to disable call recording for the user. To enable call recording for the user, uncheck the Don't Record box.

3. Click Save Changes.

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