Call Recording is a feature that allows administrators to record phone calls to company numbers, personal numbers and outbound calls. This feature is very useful for quality assurance, compliance and training purposes.

Call Recording Disclosure: It is your responsibility to check the state laws to ensure that all users are complying with with applicable call recording laws. Learn more about two party consent states.

To enable and configure call recording in the admin portal, follow the steps below. By default the call recording feature is enabled.

1. Log in to the Admin Portal > click Productivity Features.

2. To enable call recording, click Add Call Recording to my account > click I agree when prompted.

3. Configure to automatically start recording the following calls:

  • All incoming company calls

    Selecting this option will record calls to a company number.

  • All incoming personal calls

    Selecting this option will record a calls to and from a user's personal number.

  • All outgoing calls

    Selecting this option will record calls all outbound calls from a company and personal number.

What to Record

Configure on what to record from the following:

  • Record what both parties say (user and contact)

    Selecting this option will record both parties in the conversation.

  • Record what both parties say in one party consent states and just what a user says in 2 party consent states

    Selecting this option will record both parties in a one party consent state and only the user in a two party consent state.

  • Record just what users says

    Selecting this option will only record the user.

NOTE: At your discretion, the system can disclose that a call is being recorded or you may disable automatic disclosure and train your users to disclose that the call is being recorded as part of the conversation when appropriate. If you do not want a call recording warning to play, check the Do not play any call recording warnings box. By default, our system does not play a call recording warning.

Removing Call Recording

Call recording can be disabled by the administrator at any time. When the call recording feature is disabled, all calls will no longer be recorded.

The existing audio files will remain on our servers as long as your account remains active. If in the future you re-enable call recording, you will have access to old call recordings.

1. To remove call recording, click Remove Call Recording from my account.

Click I agree to disable call recording from the account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Call Recording

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