What is a personal number?

In addition to your company number(s), you can assign individuals in the organization a personal Ring.io number which allows them to receive calls directly, without having callers to go through the main number.

Ring.io Personal Numbers are considered a 'Direct Dial' in that they are designated to an individual. This number can be used on business cards or personal emails.

How to find a personal number.

Your Ring.io account includes one Personal Number for each user at no extra cost, which can be a local USA number.

1. Log in to the Ring.io Admin Portal > click Users > select the User that needs to be assigned a Ring.io personal number.

2. Click Select Ring.io Number

3. Search for a phone number from the following:

  • Starts with

  • Ends with

  • Prefix

  • Last 4 digits


4. Choose a phone number from the results list.

5. Click Use this number.

6. A new personal number has now been assigned to the user > click Save Changes

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