Ring.io offers an SMS API that will allow users to send SMS from their CRM (if supported). You will need the following unique identifiers from your Ring.io account to integrate SMS with your CRM.

1. API Token.

How to view the API Token

2. Auth Token (Please contact support@ring.io) for this.

3. Your Ring.io Personal number

SMS API Commands

1. Get a list of user ID's
curl -u <apitoken>:x -X GET http://api.ringio.com/feeds/accounts/accountid/users

2. Get a specific User Information
curl -u <apitoken>:x -X GET http://api.ringio.com/users/userid

3. Send SMS as a specific user
curl -u <apitoken>:x -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"dstNumber":"+xxxxxxxxx","body":"xxxx" }' http://api.ringio.com/users/userid/sendSms

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