Welcome to Ring.io! We're happy you're part of our team and have chosen us as your dialer for your business needs. With Ring.io, your team can maximize the day with the built in dialing features such as the Power Dialer, Voicemail Drop, SMS and more.

Are you ready to start placing your first call? Let's first get started by installing the Ring.io Web Phone. Watch this short video so you understand the basics of using Ring.io. It's informative and won't put you to sleep!

To unleash the full potential of Ring.io, we recommend the following:

Create a Voicemail Greeting
Create a Voicemail Drop
Set up your Ring.io Company Number

Set up your Ring.io Personal Number
Configure Routing

Tip: You can always come back and set this up at a later time.

Here's a reference guide that will explain what each button in the Ring.io Web Phone does.

Have questions or need to schedule a demo? Contact us here!

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