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Who can call a RingLocal number?
Who can call a RingLocal number?
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Updated over a week ago's RingLocal feature is designed so that only the number dialed is able to return a call to a RingLocal number. This means that the Caller ID has to be one of the numbers previously dialed if RingLocal was used.

Let's use the following example.

If user Sam uses a RingLocal number 760-555-1010 to dial a prospect Roberto on his cell phone number 760-555-9898, our system will associate the RingLocal number between these two contacts using a unique identifier. Any calls back to the RingLocal number 760-555-1010 from Roberto's cell phone number number 760-555-9898 will be routed according to the configuration in the admin portal. If Roberto calls back using any number other than his cell phone, our system will not route the call and you will hear the following message 'Sorry the contact you are trying to reach is busy'.

By implementing this technology, it allows for RingLocal to properly route and reduce the number of unwanted calls.

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