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What is RingLocal?
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Updated over a week ago offers callers the ability to place outbound calls using RingLocal which will emulate the local area code of the contact being dialed. We do this by using a number from our pool that contains thousands of numbers across North America. In a study run by a research company, there is data to show that connectivity rates increase by as much as 40% when using local presence dialing.

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RingLocal removes one barrier of uncertainty in answering a call because a local number is being used. How does our RingLocal service differentiate itself from our competitors? Great question and we're happy to answer-just keep reading.

Through extensive testing, our engineers have developed a logic that programmatically replaces phone numbers that are rejected or flagged as spam. It's a unique algorithm that we use to make this work (all the techy stuff that goes on behind the scenes). This has produced the highest connectivity rate we've ever seen at 99.8%. The days of using recycled or spam numbers are in the past. If your business is looking to increase connection rate, then look no further, RingLocal is what your team needs.

Learn how to enable RingLocal here or contact our sales team at 800-892-9595

With RingLocal you:

Frequently Asked Questions about Ring Local

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